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Welcoming you back amidst COVID-19…

Yes, we have always held ourselves to high standards of cleanliness.  So many inns do. We are part of a diligent, caring and concerned industry. What can we tell you about what we are doing specifically here at The Norumbega?

Beyond the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the State of Maine requirements and guidelines, our additional hygiene and cleaning measures include:

Guest Rooms

Prior to your arrival, the room will have been thoroughly cleaned using EPA certified disinfecting products on both hard and soft surfaces – including door knobs, light switches, remote controls.  All linens will be new to your room. On the bed, pillow protectors will have been laundered, as will the duvet that is part of our three-sheet bedding.  In the bathroom, the same is true.  Historically, we automatically put 2 plush bathrobes in your room.  Now we will inquire with you before your stay to see if you would like them in your room. Why? To help reduce unnecessary additional washing of unworn/unused robes.  For the time being, we are also removing decorative pillows from the room.

You will see that we have added individual bottles of hand sanitizer and a small packet of disinfectant wipes.  This is for your own additional peace of mind, as well as for you to use wherever you travel outside the inn.

Common Areas

The indoor common areas of the inn will continued to be cleaned daily and supplemented with multiple mid-day touch-ups, disinfecting wipe downs and the like. We’ve added stations throughout our common areas where you’ll have access to sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer.  We also have gloves and masks available upon request.

Guest Room Make-ups during your stay

In order to reduce the risk to both you and our staff, we will not be making up your guest room each day.  If you would like fresh towels, please let us know  We will bring you the items you need, placed outside of your door, along with bottles of water and cookies.  We will be asking that you put trash or other items that need to be disposed in a bag by the door, as well.

Check-In Process

We will be offering two ways for you to check-in: our traditional greeting and showing you around, but with appropriate social distancing.  Yes, it’s weird for us, too.  Alternatively, we are offering a ‘contactless’ check-in process, should you prefer.

In either case, we will be asking you to call or text us from your vehicle when you arrive so that we can ensure there are not multiple groups arriving at the front door at the same time.  We are also requiring that you wear a mask when entering the inn and in the common spaces.

As we learn what works and what doesn’t, we will be modifying how we go about this.  Your feedback is welcome.

Breakfast…Providing you two options

-Breakfast Room & Outside Porch Dining

Our full three-course breakfast will only be available to guests dining in our dining room or on our dining deck.  We’ll ask you to pick a time for breakfast and select your entree the evening before. This enables us to both maintain appropriate spacing between tables and guests as well as allowing us to appropriately sanitize each table between seatings. Our team will wear protective face coverings or face mask as long as is recommended by the CDC and State of Maine when serving your food.

– In-Room Breakfast Option

Guests can also enjoy a modified in-room breakfast service of pastries and your choice of entree. Again, we will ask you to pick a time for your meal and select your entree. We will set it outside your door at the selected time for you to enjoy.  When you are finished, we’ll ask you to set the dishes outside your door for us to pick up.