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Spacious Rooms & Suites in Camden, Maine

Explore the options for elegant Coastal Maine accommodations in the charming rooms & suites available at the historic Norumbega Inn in Camden, Maine.

Warwick guest room features a bay window offering sparkling water views of Penobscot Bay Gas fireplace in the Waarwick room at The Norumbega Inn, Camden, Maine Warwick Room The bathroom of the Warwick room features an antique claw foot bathtub, Antica Farmacista Soap & Body products and Glendarragh F


Bay window on the bay. Enjoy the sparkling water views of Penobscot Bay from this spacious room. Warwick features a king-size bed, a gas fireplace and even more views of the ocean from the balcony that's just outside your door.

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Enjoy your own gas fireplace in the Kensington room The king-size, four-poster bed in The Norumbega Inn's Kensington room Victorian era luxury detail in The Kensington room Sleep well in the Kensington room's Cuddledown sheeets


Victorian-era luxury. Jaw-dropping views of the water, hardwood floors and a king-size, four-poster bed make Kensington special. Savor your own ocean views by the gas fireplace, plus even more views of the water from the balcony that's just outside your door.

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The Sandringham room includes a large curved panel of windows that's part of Norumbega's distinct turret. Sandringham room's king-size four poster bed The bathroom in Sandringham's room features an antique claw foot tub as well as a shower Fresh flowers and a bedside light to read by help you relax in Norumbega Inn's Sandringham room


A turret and incredible views. This elegant room includes a large curved panel of windows that's part of Norumbega’s distinct turret. The room features a king-size, four-poster bed and access to ocean views from the balcony through the hall.

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Guestroom - Library Suite-2684686634-O Guestroom - Library Suite_4-2684685858-O Guestroom - Library Suite_5-2684685922-O Guestroom - Library Suite_8-2684686115-O Guestroom - Library Suite_9-2684686199-O Guestroom - Library Suite_14-2684686473-O Guestroom - Library Suite_7-2684686036-O

Library Suite

Dream of literature. This enchanting two-room suite is in the castle's original library. The sleeping room features an upper balcony of beautiful mahogany, a king-size bed (which can be split into two twin beds) and a lovely harbor view. The Suite's sitting room has a gas fireplace.

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Guestroom - Balmoral_2-2684683871-O Guestroom - Balmoral_4-2684683990-O Guestroom - Balmoral_6-2684684250-O Guestroom - Balmoral-2684684240-O


Breathtaking Penobscot Bay. Balmoral treats you to this exquisite panoramic view on Penobscot Bay from its over-sized bay window. This bright and beautiful room includes a king-size bed, and even more views of the ocean from the balcony that's just outside the door.

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Guestroom - Canaervon-2684684844-O Guestroom - Canaervon_1-2684684326-O Guestroom - Canaervon_2-2684684459-O Guestroom - Canaervon_7-2684684736-O Guestroom - Canaervon_6-2684684638-O


Harbor view solace. Canaervon exudes a feeling of solitude and classic charm. This enchanting room features a king-size, four-poster bed and a seating area, plus it's own private balcony. The bathroom offers a marble surrounded tub with a shower.

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Guestroom - Windsor_3-2684689166-O Guestroom - Windsor-2684689082-O Guestroom - Windsor_4-2684689144-O Guestroom - Windsor_1-2684688862-O


A turret in a castle. The Windsor is gracefully decorated and located in Norumbega’s turret. This room offers a large curved-window alcove and a king-size four-poster bed. Share the views of the ocean from the balcony that's just outside your door.

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Guestroom - Lancaster_2-2684685345-O Guestroom - Lancaster_3-2684685522-O Guestroom - Lancaster-2684685516-O


A restful haven. Lancaster is a simple yet spacious place for you to unwind. The décor evokes the carefree feel of relaxing in an English meadow, and provides a king-size bed (which can be separated into two twins) and a comfortable seating area.

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Guestroom - Arundel-2684683661-O Guestroom - Arundel_4-2684682963-O Guestroom - Arundel_6-2684683068-O Guestroom - Arundel_9-2684683433-O Guestroom - Arundel_8-2684683380-O Guestroom - Arundel_1-2684682763-O Guestroom - Arundel_2-2684682754-O


Settle in, relax and unwind. One of the first things to do is run the water and just relax in the Jacuzzi tub. Or you can walk through your personal patio door onto the room's deck on the East Lawn. Arundel also features a king-size four-poster bed.

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Guestroom - Versailles-2684688384-O Guestroom - Versailles_2-2684688044-O Guestroom - Versailles_5-2684688348-O Guestroom - Versailles_4-2684688090-O


Your personal enclave. Versailles is a unique room with stonewalls and a brick archway that becomes a private sanctuary. Versailles also features a king-size bed and your own patio that opens up to our East Lawn.

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Guestroom - Penthouse Suite_6-2684686980-O Guestroom - Penthouse Suite_11-2684687344-O Guestroom - Penthouse Suite_7-2684687074-O Guestroom - Penthouse Suite_9-2684687198-O Guestroom - Penthouse Suite_5-2684686911-O Guestroom - Penthouse Suite_4-2684686982-O Guestroom - Penthouse Suite_3-2684686787-O Guestroom - Penthouse Suite_2-2684686668-O

Penthouse Suite

Norumbega’s prized accommodation. Located on the top floor, you'll have your own panoramic views of the bay from the private balcony and from your spacious living area. The bedroom is appointed with a luxurious king-size bed. With its own gas fireplace, the Penthouse Suite is one-of-a-kind.

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